Keys to The Gibson House PEC

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today we got the keys to Gibson House PEC.

After picking up the keys, little Miss and Rockstar made their way over to the house to give it a once over now that it's vacant. The next 3-4 weeks will consist of hours of cleaning, repairing, painting, styling, and everything in between to get the house spruced up for the summer rush.

As I'm sure you guessed, we named the house, after our son's middle name. We liked the sound of it, and I also liked the constant reminder that we are doing this for our kid's future financial needs (AKA education or international bus tour). Little do the kids know, that once they hit the age where family labour is doable, this will become their side gig. And once they have their driver's license, this house becomes their summer job. "Hey kid, you want the money? You clean da house!"

As you can imagine, I also had a talk with little Miss, who promised me that even though they have an income house, it did not mean that they were to host future parties there. Her dad heard her promise, so it's ironclad. Pin It

Gibson House PEC

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

For a few years now, my financial adviser has been telling us how real estate is the way to go to build on one's financial portfolio. And for years I laughed at him and said "ya, no thanks".


Well, it looks like we have finally agreed with our financial adviser and decided to add the title of Property Manager to our list.

After viewing a number of county properties with my lifelong friend, and local real estate agent, Amanda Dunlop, we put an offer (later accepted) on a house located in Wellington, Prince Edward County.

It's a modest 3 bedroom home, nestled in among a small cluster of rural homes, smack dab between Wellington Village and the Hillier Wine Region. We take possession mid May, with the target date of June 11th to get it rental ready. The family/dog friendly house will be available for year-round vacation rental, and can booked via airbnb.

Most folks we talk to agree that this is a smart long term investment for our future, while others think we are crazy. To those people I say, "what else is new"? You need a little bit of crazy to succeed. 

So there you have it, another chapter in the lives of Mrs Kelly Green and Rockstar.  And since something always seems to unexpectedly coincide with the purchase of a new house, I will anxiously wait for that shoe to drop.
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Cherry Valley PEC: Home of Awesome

Monday, March 21, 2016

Cherry Valley seems to get zero love when it comes to Prince Edward County hype.

Not only does our village have the happiest name in the county, but we also have many gems and artistically awesome people. Throw in the fact that we are a 10 min drive to the Sandbanks, and 15 min to a super secret private beach, and you have yourselves the county's best village.

Here's a quick and dirty list of some (not all) great things that come out of Cherry Valley.

1. The Hayloft. Yes, it's not the Drake. It's WAY BETTER!! Live music in a barn? Sign me up!
Better yet, how about you sign up and buy tickets to see Rockstar's Band play The Hayloft June 25th!

2. While we don't have any wineries directly in Cherry Valley, we do have a Wine Camp via Billy's Best Bottles. A weekend long wine camp?? HELLZ YA!!

3. For fans of spicy maple syrup and spicy honey, Cherry Valley is the home of County Yum.

4. The county's best retro/vintage shop for all fans of awesome and weird, Stowaway Vintage.

5. Fifth Town Films also makes Cherry Valley their home.

6. We have our own local visual artists, Susan Wallis and Kato Wake, and photographer The Bald Photographer.

7. Burgers you say? We gladly claim The Surf Burger House as one of our own too.

8. We're also the home to DJ Ombudsman, and live musician, Jeremy Kelly.

9. Did you know that the CSA, Gemini, the Gala Artist Award, and the Genie are created in Cherry Valley by Glen Wallis? Yes they are!!

10. the store in Cherry Valley carries the BEST homemade soap I've ever used. Seriously. They also carry many county goods for you to pick up in one location.

Now that I've sold you on why Cherry Valley is the bees knees, if you can't get a room at AWAY in the County, head over to Airbnb and find a place to rent there!

Better yet, you can always buy the historic Texaco building/house that seems to be our un-official Village Icon!

This is just a snippet of the awesome people living in Cherry Valley, sharing their talent with YOU, Pin It

Prince Edward County: 2.5 years later

Monday, March 7, 2016

It was 2 years and 6 months ago that we moved to Prince Edward County.

{view of our house during one of the few big snow falls this winter} 

The first year we lived in Prince Edward County, I knew Rockstar was regretting our move. I was watching the prices of Toronto houses climb, and climb, and climb, knowing we'd never be able to buy again while maintaining our mortgage balance. I like to think this practice is common among other ex-pats to the county.

The second year of living in Prince Edward County, we still hadn't done anything with our house. Rockstar was still travelling to Toronto for all of his gigs, and I was still planning to figure out how we could financially make the move back.

{Miss A climbing our secret stairs AKA servant stairs from when the house was built in the 1870s}

Moving into the final stretch of year number 3, we have finally committed to making the county part of our long term plan. Rockstar started getting regular county gigs, we started making more friends, and I had finally secured a full time work-from-home job. Loving the county and all it offers, we decided we were going to stay here, but also realised our house was no longer part of the plan.

{Seamus and I trespassing on a neighbour's field)

Leveraging the renos we had done as part of "Love It Or List It: Vacation Home", (air date to be confirmed), we started hammering out much needed work to get the most for our house. We started looking at the current inventory, and I even made a plea on kijiji to those who may be selling privately. I asked anyone and everyone to keep their ears to the ground on upcoming houses. We wanted less house, more land.

{Bonham, who never visits our room, is clearly doing his best to convince us to stay}

One week before we planned to list, our plan changed. I know, you're surprised. We decided that selling our house was a crazy idea. Putting in the work then handing this house and all it's awesomeness over to someone else was not cool. So, we're staying. We're going to continue putting much needed work into our house, re-configure the rooms and functionality of the house to suit us better, and give this house the love it deserves. Besides, Eggs was adamant that we could not move because our house was too big to fit into our van. How can you deny such logic.

{"My House" - Rhys Gibson Art}

We also decided to shut down the B&B for this upcoming summer. Since moving here, we have yet to fully enjoy our house during the summer months. Instead, we are going to open our doors to our friends and family who haven't been able to come down yet. I like to think they haven't visited because they didn't want to intrude on our business versus not wanting to come see us. I refuse to accept the latter. Pin It

Kelly Day 2016

Monday, February 29, 2016

Years ago, a university friend of mine told me about how her family has a family day. I'm not talking about the statutory "Family Day". This is their family day they started way back in the 1990s (I think). Their family day is celebrated every four years on leap day (February 29).

The rule is simple. No matter where you are in the world, you are expected to be at the family's pre-determined location every February 29th. You can miss Christmas, and Thanksgiving, but on their family's day, you were in attendance. No excuses.

Of course as kids, her 3 siblings and parents were guaranteed to be in attendance. As the kids grew older and went off to school, the siblings were no longer living at home making this single rule that much more important. Many times the family found themselves spread out between 3 countries, yet every leap day, they were together, laughing and creating memories on their family's day.

Their family unit started to grow, resulting in a mandatory family portrait to capture the ever growing family (husbands, kids, dogs). With their family again spread out across three countries, it grew more important for keep their family's day tradition intact. 

Where am I going with this? Well, I loved the idea so much, that this year we had our very first "Kelly Day" Weekend. We jumped in the van and took off to Mont Tremblant for 3 fabulous nights. 
I have visions of future Kelly Days spent in Disney, New Orleans, Iceland, and anywhere else we decide to go. All that matters, is that every leap day, no matter where my kids are living, they get their keesters to our predetermined location for our day to celebrate our family. Kelly Day.

Thank you Vint family for sharing your amazing tradition, which I proudly stole. Hope you all are having a fabulous "Vint Day" and making each other laugh for hours on end. Pin It

Rhys Gibson Art

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

If you follow me on instagram, you will have noticed that I declared my son, Eggs, a future artistic genius.

("llama" - #rhysgibsobart, age 2.5 years)

His road to artistic genius started off with building structures, such as the "llama" above. He would build animals, robots, buildings, floor plans, and anything in between. Like most parents, I attributed this to the creative mind of any small child.

("daddy" - #rhysgibsonart age 3.5)

It wasn't until December of last year that Eggs started to explore drawing. Again, I didn't think anything of this until Eggs started cranking out his iconic Santa, which he still draws some days.

("santa"  and "snowman"- #rhysgibsonart age 3.5)

There was a two week project in January, where Eggs was creating a cardboard city. While he did have help cutting out the objects, majority of the painting and design came from Eggs. We finally had to end the project when we ran out of room, and the city changed seasons (summer to winter).

("my city" - #rhsygibsonart age 3.5)

I decided it was time for Eggs to meet a like-minded artist. Someone who could work with him in ways a mother who does not have patience to craft can. We found someone, and last week Egg's started his private art lessons.

("a deer, a bird, and a cup"  a la art class- #rhsygibsonart age 3.5)

Eggs came home so excited to tell me all about his teacher, and how she was his favourite. This past week alone Eggs has been producing some work that I actually assumed Rockstar drew. 

("my talent" - #rhysgibsonart age 3.5)

While this may be a phase that any small child goes through, I am excited about how much Eggs love to create. From drawing, to painting, to acting, he loves is all. And yes, I am keeping most of if so I can live off of this childhood art when he's uber famous. Ha!

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My Commitment to 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Last year I made some personal changes that allowed me to see that commitment isn't as scary as I always thought it would be. I've always used the "I'm a Gemini" excuse when I decided that I was no longer interested in something I was once "passionate" about. I put "passionate" in quotes because in all honesty, I have never identified my true passion since I've never committed to anything long enough for something to evolve into passion.

After shedding 30 pounds, and running my first 5km, I came to realise that by taking baby steps, and just doing it, I can succeed. Instead of deciding what this year's bucket list will be, I am taking a different approach to life style changes. This year, I am choosing "commit" as my 2016 word, and hopefully by Dec 31, 2016, I will have found something I'm passionate about, as well as accomplish other "to-be-determined" goals I stumble across.

My first commitment of the year? Switching from free-lance to corporate junkie, and committing to be the best dang project manager I can possibly be. Commitment goal #1? Complete!

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