The Hayloft Dancehall and Joel Plaskett

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Last weekend, The Hayloft Dancehall re-opened its door under new management, and both Rockstar and I are thrilled a place this excellent is our local hangout. It's like the owners choose to live close to us, knowing how awesome we are and how we are advocates of good, live, music.

(The Hayloft Dancehall, Prince Edward County)

The owners of the Hayloft are smart business folks and have a no bs approach, and zero interest in stupidity that results with an over abundance of alcohol consumption. They have a shuttle bus that does 2 round trips from the large villages in the county, resulting in less drinking and driving, and less loitering into the twilight.

(The Mercenaries)

Did I mention they are a live music venue? No DJs kids, meaning during set breaks, the house music is turned down, allowing one to engage in a conversation with others, and highlighting the band is the main attraction. They have already announced a number of great acts (we've already seen the The Mercenaries, a great dance band, and Juno winners, The Strumbellas) and Rockstar and I are anxiously hoping they book Joel Plaskett. Wouldn't that be awesome? Joel Plaskett in a barn? And when they do book Joel, Rockstar will execute the plea of his life to get an opening slot.

(The Strumbellas)

What's also resulted from the opening of the Hayloft, is the number of bands/musicians being booked into our B&B. Our vision when opening the B&B was to not only caterer to families and dog owners, but to target musicians traveling through. And here we are, in the start of our second year, and that's what's happening, thanks to the Hayloft. Musicians = late breakfast. Woot!

(The Hayloft Dancehall Banner in our B&B)

When you come visit the county, be sure to check out the upcoming schedule at The Hayloft. And when they book Joel Plaskett, I will let you all know, so we can plan the ultimate sleep over at Casa Kelly.

(PS, there has been zero news about Joel Plaskett coming to Prince Edward County, but when he does, the only place he should play is The Hayloft). Pin It

Drama Llama Comes to the County, and the Kelly Kids Take on the Chickens

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

There's been a lot of drama going on in the county these days. This latest article posted in the Star caused quite the political sh*t storm in the community (I have an inside source), and really takes away from the awesome addition of the Creamer Family to the county and their story: A great family, who already run two successful businesses in Toronto, who was looking to move to the county and stumbled across a county landmark that was up for sale, and took it as a sign and decided to re-launch the legendary hot spot. The End.

{Miss A and me at the Waupoos Winery Petting Zoo}

Instead, you have a debate of an "us vs them" perception of a fabulous community. The county folk vs the transplants. To be honest, while I hear about this community division, from everyone I talk to, I haven't been exposed to it yet. I've read about it, and hear comments on social media about "Toronto trying to show us how to party in a barn!" but I have never been treated like someone who doesn't belong.

{Miss A and Eggs at the Waupoos Winery Petting Zoo}

There are perceived "cliques" of transplants who gather together regularly, support one another's business by leveraging eachother, but what's wrong with that? I too surround myself with people I like, who encourage me to be a better person, who through their own success encourage me to put myself out there. I'm pretty sure these "cliques" don't hand out membership cards, with strict rules that you must originate from Roncesvalles to hang with the cool kids.

When we decided to move to the county, it was 100% based on an mls listing. Yep. We were not regular visitors, we're not entrepreneurs, we're not rabid wine enthusiasts, it was this house, that turned out to be located in an up and coming hot-spot. So friends, don't fall for the "Bringing Toronto to the County" hype. It's  people like you and me, relocating to a enriching community, looking to live their life away from the big smoke. Pin It

Miss A Turns One!

Friday, May 8, 2015

This past Tuesday, Miss A turned one.

It's hard to believe that just over a year ago, this little lady came, ahead of schedule, into our lives and made our house much more funny. She is honestly the happiest child, who enjoys her simple life to the fullest. She loves music, dancing, her dad's terrible jokes, and food. Boy does she ever love food.

She gets so excited at the mere idea of walking, that after one step, she will throw herself across the room and into waiting arms. Clearly she has decided that flying is a lot more exciting. She instigates wrestling matches with her brother, and is fearless when it comes to facing challenges. We are heading into some interesting years ahead of us, and I can't wait to take it all in.

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Accepting I'm Worth More and the Hard Work to Get There

Sunday, April 26, 2015

There's the movement going on in the interwebs, where birthing moms are taking over the hashtag postpartum and posting photos of what a proud post partum parent looks like.

Listen, I too have stretch marks (aka Tiger Stripes), and a scar from 2 emergency Cesarians and I am not ashamed of these visible reminders of my two amazing kids. But what I am disappointed in is the excessive weight I piled on long before Eggs and Lobster entered the scene.

In 2002, I started a two year journey to rid unnecessary weight, and thanks to a successful run at weight watchers, I was at a healthy, comfortable weight.  Once I hit my goal, I stopped tracking my food intake, met Rockstar, started a career where I could afford eating and drinking everything in sight, and the stress of said career. It didn't take long to re-gain the weight plus a lot more, and since I had a good paying job, I easily convinced myself I was upgrading my wardrobe.

After the birth of Eggs in 2012, I decided that instead of working hard to lose the weight, I would embrace the plus size gal lifestyle, and even blogged about it. I was going to label myself a curvy, plus sized woman. There are many beautiful plus size women who work hard to be where they are, and ladies, I'm in awe of you. You are curvy, beautiful, and the epiphany of hard work. For me and  where I'm at now, health wise, it is not the result of hard work and a change is required.

I no longer accept that I am meant to be in my current state, physically and mentally. That's allowing myself to be lazy and believing I'm not worth better. Since I started by change of lifestyle 6 weeks ago, I've lost 12 lbs. It's not much, but it's a start to my long journey.

Growing up, my bestie's mom had no problems throwing on her bikini and proudly displaying her postpartum body. Even now, in her 60's, she still shows off her hot bod! Mrs C is the original "Proudly Postpartum" woman and someone I strive to be. Someone who works hard, and shows it all off. Pin It

Dance, Music and Creative Folks

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Last month I wrote about how Rockstar was contacted by my bestie to collaborate on a live music/dance performance.

Well, last week they performed it, and I will say, looks amazing.

Check it out and share with your friends.

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The Cherry Valley Running Crew

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

People who know me, like really know me, know that Alison + running = never going to happen. Well, I'm on my third attempt to establish a running routine. My third time in less than three years. The first time I was up to running in 15 minute increments, and for whatever reason, I stopped. No reason why really, I just never went back out. I even signed up for a run and never went.

The second  time I tried to run was shortly after Miss A was born. I was terrible at pre and post running stretching, and as a result my knees were on fire after the first few weeks. Instead of persevering through, and stretching, I wanted to wait until my knee recovered. Of course, I never went back to running.

This time, I'm on a mission to see this through. I have my running crew established (AKA Seamus and Ria) and the most amazing scenery outside to admire. I found a 5km run in September which takes place in Sandbanks Provincial Park, and my running mate Seamus has been approved. Next year, I hope to run in the 11km Terrior Run (our B&B is a sponsor this year).

Will I do this? Will I actually keep at running and be able to run a 5 km come the fall? I hope so.  I'm sick of being a quitter. I will admit that the main reason why I started this time was because Seamus has the most pathetic "run me" stare.  I've also decided to make lifestyle changes that require taking time to exercise the machine. If the county had a wall climbing facility that encouraged insane dogs to run at full speed while I climbed, that's be my exercise of choice. Until then, it's me and the Cherry Valley running crew. Pin It

Chickens, Bunnies and Making Friends

Monday, April 6, 2015

A friend of mine messaged me last week and commented about how her family has lived in the county for years, yet hasn't explored or partake in county events like we have. My response? You have friends.
{Eggs playing with the hens at South in Milford.}

A few weeks ago Rockstar told me we needed to start asking people who we've met to date, whose company we enjoy, to hang out with us. So I reached out to an ex-pat in a nearby town and asked her if they would like to have dinner. So Friday night, off we went to their formal elementary school turned home, and had a family dinner. This family is awesome and have gone full county.

{Chatting with the cows at Wilhome Farms, who just celebrated 200 years as a dairy farm

Listen, I knew moving to the county, where locals look at you as "those city folks", would be tough to make friends. What I wasn't prepared for was how having 2 young children, who I love with all my guts, makes it that much tougher. No spontaneous nights out for drinks at The Drake for us folks.

Everyone tells me that once the kids are older and start school and playing on sporting teams, we'll start to meet people. But what about before then? As a working mom, play groups can't happen as those take place during the day, at night, or on weekends when I choose to spend that time attending local events or chilling with my family. 

{kids Easter photo}

The truth is, even in Toronto, where we knew people, as soon as children came, the invitations slowly went away. It was a combination of me declining, and society instinct to assume parents are busy. I'm not writing this as a poor me post. It's reality. It's hard to make friends, period. So, I'm going to risk coming across as a creepy lonely lady and start asking people, who I think are interesting, to do things with me. Even if I just know them from social media. People online date, right? Well, this lady is going to start online friending, So if you are in the county, and you are cool, look out for a ramdom invite to hang out with me. You've been warned!

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