Shared Room and a Cuban Wedding

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A week before Christmas, Rockstar and I enlisted the help of Pam Nease, Sleep Consultant. We used Pam with great success for Eggs when he was a wee little babe, and decided to use her to guide us through our next big transition. A shared bedroom.

{Photo of my bestfriend and me at her Cuban wedding. 14 years of friendship with this girl 
who knows all my deepest and darkest secrets. Photo by the amazing Erin Campbell Photography}

While pregnant with Miss A, Rockstar and I decided that it made most sense to move her into Eggs's room as it's the warmest room (coolest in the summer), and made the most sense logistically (you have to walk through his room to get to the other rooms in the house). Up until this point, Miss A was sleeping in my office, and with work ramping up, it was time for her to relocate.

{The dresses we wore were convertible dresses that can be worn 30+ different ways.  
I opted for the sleeve style to hide my  chicken wings and tan lines - photo by Erin Campbell Photography (crop by me}

So here we are, a week into the "shared-room experiment" and so far it's going amazing!
  • Miss A is still napping 3 - 4 times a day. On most days Rockstar is able to align their nap times so they both go down during Egg's sole nap.
  • Bedtime routine consists of a shared bath, book reading by kid #1, final feeding for her, the "goodnight" ritual to Frank the Monkey (toddler clock), song led by Eggs, and both are down, in their cribs, between 7 - 730pm
  • Both are usually dead to the world until 7-730am. The odd time she does wake up (one quick cry), he doesn't make a sound. They are learning quickly how to ignore one another.
{The beaches in Santa Clara are amazing! While the other gals in the photo didn't 
quite get the "jump after 3", I am quite impressed with the air I captured. Yay me! 
photo by Erin Campbell Photography

The kids seem to really enjoy having one another in their room.  Some times we hear R singing to Miss A with her cackling along, and sometimes we get the worried cry from him that "Lobster is crying!" But in the end, the sleeping is going strong (with his final 2 teeth and her first coming in during this time as well) and us parents continue to sleep 9+ hours nightly. Yes, 9 consecutive hours. 

{For more photos of the wedding, and some INSANELY awesome photos, check out Erin's gallery here}

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Ringing in the New Year Alone

Friday, January 9, 2015

This year I rang in the New Year fast asleep at my parent's place before taking off to Cuba, sans family, to celebrate my best friend's wedding. This was the first time I was away from my children, for a long period of time, since our trip to Iceland.

I have a confession to make. IT WAS FABULOUS!! To spend 6 nights without anyone to worry about was such a break. I woke up when I wanted to NOT when my kids told me it was time. I ate whatever and whenever I wanted. I took solo swims in the ocean, getting lost in my thoughts with each wave I jumped into. Simply excellent.

Yes, I missed my kids and Rockstar tremendously, and many times I wished Rockstar was there with me, but in the end, starting off the new year being forced to hang out with myself more than I have in a very long time brought such clarity. I AM AS COOL AS I THINK! HA!

No really, I enjoy my own company and decided I should do more of that in 2015.

Here's to an entire year learning more about the person I want to be. And here's to Rockstar looking after 2 kids, 2 dogs and a cat on his own for 6 nights. Total Rockstar.

ETA: If you want to check out some photos taken of the wedding, be sure to follow Erin Campbell Photography. Her work is excellent. Pin It

Ria joins the Kelly Clan in the County

Friday, December 19, 2014

This is Ria and she just turned 12 years old.

{awesome canvas captured by the amazing Marcia Leeder}

We met Ria back in 2010 when we met and fell in love with Seamus.

{baby Seamus at 10 weeks old and his mom, Ria .. "So long kid!"}

Ria joined our family on Dec 3, 2014 after I saw posting about her looking for a new home via Pointing Dog Rescue Canada (the rescue organization I have been volunteering with since 2012). Rockstar and I have been toying with the idea of bringing a second dog into our home for about a year, but really, our house is crazy enough. HA! However, when I found out that Ria, Seamus's mom, was looking for a new retirement home, we had to take her. HIS MOM PEOPLE!!

{velcro book ends}

Yes, I have become that lady. And yes, we are a little crazy to add another member to our clan, but .. she is awesome-sauce just like her son.

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Christmas in the County

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I'm sure Christmas everywhere is fabulous, but Christmas in the County is amazing! There are so many activities to do that it's physically impossible to do it all. With that in mind, we've decided on events the whole family can enjoy.

This weekend my parents came down so decided to stay local and have pancake breakfast with Santa hosted by the Cherry Valley Lions. As soon as Eggs saw Santa, he ran over, said hello and jumped on his lap. We should have left him in his sweater and toque for his photo, because as soon as we took it off, he was no longer ... cooperative.


Aside from Miss A throwing coffee at me, it was a great way to kick off our weekend adventure. Next up, we made our way to Wellington to check out the craft sale and visit whoville. We didn't stay too long as we were long past Miss A's nap schedule and the temperatures were starting to drop.


To end our day, we finally got our tree trimmed and watched some Christmas flicks. Next year I hope to get to a tree farm and chop down our own, as we really should have a 10ft live tree in our house. It's only right. Next weekend, I plan to attend the Busy Hands Craft Sale with the intention to finish up my shopping. Key word there is "intention". Pin It

Juggling Act Chapter 2: Back to Work

Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's been three weeks now since I started back to work and so far so good. The first two weeks I was in Toronto Monday - Friday so Miss A and I stayed with my parents, where her and my mother got in some much needed girls time. Eggster stayed in the county with Rockstar making the move for Rockstar into the primary day-time care provider a little less hairy.

{'That's it! I'm going to Grandma's House"}

Starting work also coincided with the ramp up of Miss A eating real food, so that worked out quite well since we was 100% dependent on me for her dietary needs. As suspected, this child loves EVERYTHING! I say suspected due to the fact since the early days she would stalk whoever was eating and start to drool. Perhaps she learned that from Seamus the Dog.

{Miss A watching cartoons with Gramma} 

Last week was the first time both kids stayed at home while I made my weekly 2 day visit to Toronto. When I came home, the house was still standing and the dishes were done so I consider that a great success (although I'm sure the fact Rockstar's parents were over the one day to help with the kids and basic "stuff that we've ignored to do in the house" projects were a large contributor to this success).

 {Sibling antics - sample of photos Rockstar sends me while I'm in the city}

I love being back at work. I love getting back to wearing dresses and heels, and enjoy gossip sessions with my BFF (who I am staying with while in the city). I mostly enjoy the 5 days a week when I am able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with my children and Rockstar. Not many working moms have this luxury, which I am very grateful for.

{Bloomfield Night-Time Santa Clause Parade 2014. Our first family parade}

This family set-up will be an ongoing balancing act but I'm confident we will stumble through it. We're super lucky Rockstar's parents are able to watch the kids the night I'm traveling back from Toronto when he has to teach. We also met the most wonderful young lady in town who comes to the house one afternoon a week who the kids (and Seamus) adore. I adore her too.
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Six Years Ago ...

Friday, November 14, 2014

... it was the most magnificent autumn day, and this happened.

Since that day ...

+ We bought our first home in the GTA
+ I quit my corporate job, went back for a short gig only to quit 9 months later, finding my way back into the same industry in recent months 
+ We added Seamus the GSP to our family  

{Seamus as a baby at 10 weeks old}

+ Discovered dog walking and LOVED it!
+ Brought this amazing kid into our lives

+ Purchased our first family van
+ Spent an amazing week in Iceland that forever changed my life

 {Rockstar and I are the middle couple. This photo was taken by Eric-Pierre Menard}

+ Decided on a whim to pack up our lives in Toronto and move our family to Prince Edward County
+ Added this cheeky lady into our family

+ Opened a B&B and had a pretty great first summer
+ Pickles the Cat ran away (secretly hoping he is still out there and will come home soon)

Thinking back, there are so many other events that has taken place in 6 years. Such as our trip to Ireland, and winning a trip to Thailand , waiting too long to book, and transferring the trip over to Rockstar's cousins since I discovered I was pregnant. Yep, a lot has happened in 6 years.

Here's to another hundred years Rockstar!!

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Back to the Grind and Dressing in Disguise

Sunday, November 2, 2014

After 10 amazing months spending most of my waking hours with the kidlets, it's time to go back to work.

I wrote a post last month about how awesome I am and why everyone should hire me. After many application submissions and zero calls, I have been recruited by a peer of mine to head into the IT Professional Service world I left 5 years ago.  Actually, I did receive one call from a local company that wanted to say hello and tell me I had amazing experience. Sadly they didn't have any headcount at the time but I think it was super rad of Kick Ass Media for taking the time to call me. More people should do that as this job hunting stuff is not easy.

{Calvin and Hobbes, Halloween 2014}

I'm quite excited to head back to work. I excelled in that world, and now that I am 5 years older and have a better grip on work/life balance, I'm eager to show off my rad skills to folks who don't know me as well as learn more to add to my toolbox. My home office will be based out of downtown Toronto which means I will have to show my face at least two days a week. We're hoping to arrange it for two consecutive days to minimize the amount of driving (I don't know how county folks commute every day. INSANE!!)

{I talked about being a robot for days leading up to our outdoor adventure. 
Thankfully he was excited when time came to put on this disguise.}

While I wish I could find something local, the only job that came across my table was a gig 40 minutes away. The job required me to be in the office 5 days a week and the salary offered was drastically less than what I will be making in Toronto. That said, had they agreed to telecommuting, I may have considered the job. 

{knock knock!}

While I'm bummed that I can't be a stay at home mom with a 6 figure salary, I'm very grateful for the opportunity that has been presented to me. Even though I'll be away from the home a couple of days a week, our children will spend their days with their Rockstar Dad (Eggs will still go to preschool twice a week). I look forward to having 5 solid days in the house with them (3 days working, but I'll still be able to have breakfast and lunch with my dudes and dudette). Life is looking pretty good these days. Pin It